Another Roadtrip – this time with a friend

1st stop: Virginia Beach:

–> we were there in the Wintertime but we decided to watch the sunrise with our sleeping bags 😀 It was so worth it and it was one of the most beautiful sunrises I ever had!!! *_* So if you have the chance to see this one day –> you really have to do that!!!

2nd stop: Columbia/ South Carolina:

  • South Carolina State House (it is a really beautiful park around that!!)
  • Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park
  • Three Rivers Greenway
  • Riverwalk
  • World’s largest Fire Hydrant
  • Memorial Park
  • University of South Carolina –> the Campus is really beautiful and it feels like you are a Student!

3rd stop: Charlotte/ North Carolina:

We had really heavy rain so we were forced to do Sightseeing out from the car… which was really sad, but sometimes just these little things what you didn’t want and didn’t expect when you travel are the funniest and the ones you always remember ;-). So don’t be too sad or angry when something doesn’t work out and just enjoy the moment.

  • NASCAR Hall of Fame
  • Freedom Park
  • Billy Graham Library
  • Romare Bearden Park
  • South End
  • Marshall Park
  • The Green
  • Pineapple Spring

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