New York

  • Statue of Liberty (when you don’t want to spend any money but want to see the Statue more near, then take the Staten Island Ferry, which passes directly the Statue of Liberty, it’s also a nice thing to do at night to see the Skyline from NYC)
  • Central Park (of course 😉 –> esspecially in the Wintertime it is so beautiful and when you have the chance to icescate there –> do it!!)
  • Empire State Building (you can go up there but remember it is not the typical view you know from New York)
  • Times Square (everytime fascinating! *_*)
  • Brooklyn Bridge –> it is worth the walk!! When you go from Manhatten to Brooklyn stop at  DUMBO and the Brooklyn Bridge Park –> there you can see the Manhatten Bridge too (it is not as beautiful to walk over to Manhatten) and you can go to the popular Humphrey Loft (for everyone who knows Gossip Girl you know what I mean ;-)) –> there you can take pictures of the typicall Brooklyn houses on both sides and on the end of the street the Manhatten Bridge is perfectly fitting into the picture *_*
  • High Line Park (old Trainrail –> worth a walk!)
  • Rockefeller Center –> BEAUTIFUL! When you have the possibility to go up there: DO IT! (and of course come also in the Wintertime to see the popular Christmas Tree and the windows around the Center)
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • The Battery Park (here you can see the Statue of Liberty too –> but from more far away)
  • One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial –> it is always heartbreaking! I would also recommend to go into the 9/11 Memorial! It is a really good museum!
  • Chinatown and Little Italy
  • SoHo
  • Coney Island
  • Bryant Park (esspecially in the Wintertime! –> there is a beautiful Christmas Market)
  • Broadway –> when you can: watch a Broadway Musical –> I was in Aladdin
  • Flatiron Building
  • Madison Square Garden (popular for the concerts there)
  • St. Patricks Cathedral
  • Chelsea Market (go there when you are hungry!! :-D)
  • Financial District and Wallstreet
  • Radio City Music Hall (I also was there to see the popular Rockettes!!!)
  • The MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) –> also another spot if you like Gossip Girl 😉

You will always find something new in NYC and it will be never enough time! But just to experience this city it’s worth it! When you are able to do it, do the tour with Cultural Care in the Training School to get a picture of what will wait for you. When you live at the East Coast –> really try to experience the city more often (I drove there for 5 times and especially the Christmas time was awesome! –> from me it was only a 3,5 hours drive and the bus (I always drove with Megabus) was not expensive)
I also helped at the NYC Marathon which was a whole new and cool experience too –> if you are interested in this –> do it! Cultural Care will give you all the informations about that too!

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