Roadtrip Eastern States

1st stop: Portland/ Maine:

  • Cape Elizabeth Lights (it is outside of Portland but it is soooo beautiful –> I love Lighthouses so it was perfect :-))
  • Old Port
  • Mug Light
  • Maine Historical Society and the Wadsworth-Longfellow House
  • West End
  • Greater Portland Landmarks
  • in some of the streets was a really cool Fish Market!!
  • Art District

We didn’t see that much stuff because we didn’t had that much time but when you have more time –> use it!!! It is beautiful there.

2nd stop: Montpelier/ Vermont:

We just walked thorught the streets an dfound a really good Italian place to eat. But there are a lot of nice buildings and churches.

  • Vermont State House

3rd stop: Concord/ new Hamphsire:

That was the same „game“ like in Montpelier 🙂 Sweet streets but nothing much to see. But we really enjoyed it! 🙂

  • New Hamphsire State House

4th stop: Newport/ Rhode Island:

Here we only did the Cliff Walk and the Main Street 🙂 But also a really nice city and surrounding to make holidays!!! Loved it!

Last stop: Yale/ Conneticut:

BEAUTIFUL! I think it was even better than Harvard 🙂

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