Roadtrip Nummero 5

1st stop: Memphis:

There is really not much to see and it is really dirty in Memphis but who is able to say you were at the birth place from Elvis 😉

  • Graceland (you have to pay to get in there!)
  • Beale Street (really cool!!!)
  • Memphis Pyramid (it is really cool inside! and worth a visit if you are already in Memphis)
  • Mississippi River Museum
  • Victorian Village
  • Harbor Town
  • Big River Crossing
  • Elvis Statue
  • Mississippi River Park

2nd stop: Nashville:

(both are in Tennessee)

  • Country Music Hall of Fame Museum (it closes at 5 so be early enough ;-))
  • The Parthenon
  • Centennial Park (you can spend a lot of time here!! I loved the park and the market right beside it!)
  • State Capitol
  • Cumberland Park
  • NashTrash Tours (you will drive with a old pink schoolbus and it is really scatchy! 😀 But you have to book the tour in advance!!)
  • Germantown
  • Riverfront Park
  • I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE mural (and right next to it there is the Cupcake ATM)
  • Fannie Mae Dees Park
  • Old Car Fabric Market (I’m not sure if this is really the name of it but it is really cool inside!!)
  • The Gulch (for all who love the wings from Kelsey Montague as well!)

3rd stop: Arkansas:

We just drove over the bridge and stopped at a gas stadion so normally I wouldn’t count it as a visit but I count it here 😉

4th stop: Skyline Drive/ Virginia:

–> really beautiful especially when you do it during Autumn! The colors a beautiful!

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