TEXAS!!! –> Last Roadtrip before the Travel Month

1st stop: Dallas:

  • Reunion Tower
  • John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza

  • Arts District

  • Deep Ellum (for all of the Streetart)
  • Pioneer Plaza

  • Giant Eyeball

2nd stop: Houston:

  • Gerald D. Hines Waterfall Park
  • Lake Houston
  • Beer Can House
  • Houston Montrose District for the streetart
  • The Shops at Houston Center –> speicific Houston Streetart

3rd stop: Galveston:

just walk around and feel like you are in a beach vacation. And there is also an Greetings from Galveston Sign (Streetart) 🙂 –> just put this in in your navigation

4th stop: San Antonio:

  • Alamo Mission
  • Japanese Tea Garden (6 Dollar)
  • San Fernando Cathedral

  • Alamo Cenotaph Monument

5th stop: Bandera:

Cowboy city, or better a little town –> get there the best Barbecue. When your in Texas you really have to get Barbecue somewhere!!

We took Backroads to our 6th stop, because we wanted to see something from the scenerie.

6th stop: Austin:

  • Texas State Capitol (it’s also really beautiful from the inside)
  • McKinney Falls State Park (we spend the half day there –> it’s really cool! And you can swim so bring swim clothes –> we didn’t had swim clother so be swam with our normal clothes :-D)

  • Graffiti Park at Castle Hill

  • Main Street
  • Cathedral of Junk

7th and last stop: Fort Worth:

Visit the Fort Worth Stockyards and when you want to see a Rodeo than you can go there at a Friday or Saturday.


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