Traveling alone – Roadtrip

1st stop: Portland/ Oregon:

I just had a view hours in Portland and mostly I saw the city in the dark, but it is a really sweet city! 🙂

  • Japanese Garden
  • Washington Park
  • Pioneer Courthouse Square (I saw it with the Christmas Tree which was really nice :-))
  • Waterfront Park
  • Mill Ends Park
  • South Park Blocks
  • South Waterfront
  • Hawthorne Bridge
  • Broadway Bridge (both bridges you can see from the Waterfront if I can remember right)
  • Nob Hill
  • Freemont Bridge

2nd stop: Boise/ Idaho:

I met another Au Pair there through a Facebook-page, which was really cool! She showed me around so I had my personal tour guide 😀

  • Idaho State Capitol Building
  • Lucky Peak State Park (from here you can see a really beautiful Skyline)
  • Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial
  • there is also a sweet street with little Shops and Cafes and during nighttime there are lights all over
  • also there is a Streetart alley –> that is really cool! And they change the art from time to time

3rd stop: Helena/ Montana:

  • Montana State Capitol
  • Cathedral of Saint Helena
  • Memorial Park

There is not so much too see here too… But it is really pretty. The city is surrounded with mountains and of course in the wintertime it is really cold but it is really beautiful! 😀

4th stop: Seattle/ Washington:

I also visited a friend here and celebrated New Years Eve in Seattle! That was so cool! 🙂

  • Space Needle
  • Pike Place Market (I loved that one! And the surrounding, the whole area itself!)
  • Seattle Center
  • Pioneer Square
  • Kerry Park (from here you can see the Skyline of Seattle –> and believe me it is worth it!!)
  • Gum Wall (of course that is a must see :-D)
  • Fremont
  • Olympic Sculpture Garden
  • Escala (the Hotel –> for everyone who watched 50th Shades of Grey :-D)
  • Pacific Science Center
  • Seattle Great Wheel
  • Alki Beach (–> also a really sweet Neighborhood with vacation houses and of course again a nice view at the Skyline)
  • Freemont Troll
  • Central Waterfront
  • Seattle Central Library
  • Sequoia Falls –> if you have a car –> it is so worth it!! (I couldn’t see anything because of the fog 😀 :-()

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