Washington DC

My second home –> there is always some more to see!!! *_* –> also the Museums are all free (except 3 or so) so even at a rainy day you always will find something to do!!!

  • United States Capitol
  • White House (I would say you should visit the front and the back! –> also at the back on the side of the street there is a really good souvenir shop :-))
  • Lincoln Memorial (best view at the National Mall!! It’s beautiful!)
  • National Mall (also just relax in the park there and get some food from the busses –> that’s awesome! :-))
  • Washington Monument
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial (just walk around the lake! It’s worth it –> especially with the Cherry Blossom Trees in April!)
  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Capitol Hill (to sweet! And you should go to the National Hill Bookstore when you like second hand books or books in general!)
  • Union Station
  • The Pentagon (you can combine to visit that when you at the Arlington Cememtary)
  • Worls War 2 Memorial (one of my favorites)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial (you will see this when you wander aroung the lake to come to the Jefferson Memorial *_*)
  • Korean War Veterans Memorial (speechless!)
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Franklin Roosevelt Memorial
  • Supreme Court

You will see a lot of really pretty and cool buildings just wandering around the city!!!

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