Host Family Letter

Ich dachte mir ich teile meinen Host Family Letter mit euch. Mir hat es damals etwas geholfen ein paar Ideen durch andere Letter zu sammeln und einfach die Inspiration für meinen Letter zu finden! 🙂

So here we go:

Dear host family!

My name is Nadine Sitter I come from Gärtringen which is a small village near Stuttgart, in the countryside of Southern-Germany. I live there with my friend Jasmin. I moved into my own apartment one year ago. My family does not live far away from my place, also in a small village, in a house with a garden and our male cat named Simba.

After four years of primary school, I went to High School in Holzgerlingen (the village next to my family’s hometown). I finished my high school (high-school diploma) 3 years ago. Afterwards I was doing an apprenticeship as a warehouse logistics operator and I finished my apprenticeship not until one year ago. Until now I work as an employee in the office of Mercedes Benz. 
My dream is to experience something new and brighten my horizon even more before I am going to study.

I have got two younger siblings. My sister, Evelyn, is 12 years old and my brother, Patrick, is 14 years old. My mother’s name is Lydia and she is a housewife. My father’s name is Andreas and he works as an employee in the office of Mercedes Benz. We were always close with each other and still stay in contact all the time. Therefore I visit them at least once a week. They support me whenever I have a problem and need them.

I always helped my mother with the household chores and whenever I can I still help her nowadays.  It is no problem for me to clean, cook and go grocery shopping. It is also self-evident for me to take care of my siblings.
All of us are very adventurous and every year in the summer time we were doing trips and sports. My mom and dad love volleyball so we often played that, together with my siblings, with them and cheered for them when they joined an amateur-competition. Moreover we loved going to the zoo, visit castles, go swimming in the local lakes and to have a barbecue with friends of our family and their children.
I love to spend the summer time with my family and enjoy every second of it.

In my free time I like to read books, meet my friends, spend time in the nature, exercise in gym, bake, cook and dance. As a “Nature lover” I like to travel and make trips with my loved ones.

The main reason I want to be an au pair in the USA is that, I love to be around children and I want to become a member of my future host family. I can imagine playing with the kids in the garden, doing their homework, picking them up from kindergarten or school, cooking their lunch or helping my host parents with the chores. To see the kids laugh is primary objective.
Secondly I would like to get to know the American way of life including the culture, the food, the lifestyle and the religion. That is why I love to see new places in the world. Apart from that I would like to apply and improve my English, be more self-confident and strengthen my personality.
Finally I would love to spend a great year with a family in the USA before I will start working on my career.

One of the attributes that qualifies me for taking care of children is the experience with my siblings. I was 10 years old when they were born. Therefor I could see them grow up and take care of them since the age of 7. I like their happy nature and enjoy spending time with them.
Furthermore I help in a refugee home with the children. Me and two friends of mine take care of the children, two hours per week. We do handicrafts with them, teach them German and play with them.
Also I take care of Sophie. She is 3 years old and a very active girl. We enjoy every minute with each other.

Because of my own household I can do anything what incur. I have to do the laundry all by myself, I have to cook and bake and also do everything to clean up my home. I’m a very tidy person so nothing rest long in the wrong place. Every evening I cook lunch for me and my flatmate for the next day to stay healthy. So it is no problem for me to care for children, cook for them so they become healthy food and stay cleanly with them. 

My friends describe me as a sensitive, helpful and open-minded person, who likes to take care of children. My nickname was Mrs. Babysitter because of my last name “Sitter” and because I often took care of my siblings. I love to be around people and get to know new people. Also I’m a really honest person. If there are any problems in my life or in the life of my friends, I try my best to face them and solve them as fast as possible. It is easy for me adapt to new situations and different cultures. I am capable of dealing with stressful situations and I have a strong personality. Moreover I think that I am flexible and self-confident. As well I’m very interested in new cultures and I respect other religions and traditions.

I hope you got to know me a little bit and you got a good impression of me. I would be very happy to be your au pair and become a party of your family.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Nadine Sitter


Ich hatte meinen Host Family Letter noch einmal von einer Freundin, die schon 1 Jahr in der High School in Amerika verbracht hatte, durchlesen lassen. Das hat mir wirklich sehr geholfen, da sie mir bei ein paar Formulierungen geholfen hat, bei denen ich mich nicht so richtig ausdrücken konnte wie ich es eigentlich wollte. Sie hat es dann einfach perfekt auf den Punkt gebracht! Das hat mir wirklich sehr geholfen!

Außerdem war mein Letter am Anfang sogar noch echt etwas länger, dies fand meine CC Betreuerin auch sehr gut und erfrischend, dass ich mir wirklich Mühe gegeben hatte in den Letter so viel reinzupacken und ausführlich zu schreiben, aber ein paar Dinge musste ich dann doch rausstreichen, da diese in der Bewerbung auch ausführlich gefragt wurden. Die Antworten auf die Fragen welche ich ja dann schon in meinem Letter hatte, habe ich auch so in die Felder der Application eingetragen und noch etwas ausgeschmückt! Also habe ich auch hier keine Arbeit „vergeudet“ ;-). Der Letter sollte aber trotz Allem etwas ausführlicher sein und die wichtigsten Punkte über dich erfassen und ein grobes Bild über dich erzählen, denn dieser ist wirklich das erste was sich die Familien, mit dem Video, anschauen! Also tobt euch aus und scheut euch nicht davor etwas wichtiges über euch auch im Letter ausführlicher zu gestalten. Außerdem steht euch offen kreativ zu sein, denn so macht es euch etwas spannender! 🙂 Aber die Betreuer von CC beraten euch hierbei wirklich toll! 🙂

So: Have fun!!!

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